S*Trollgumman's Othello Ormviskare

NFO n 03 22

Born: 2006-06-30


I was looking for a female from the beginning but when I saw Othello I just fell for him. He has definitely the wrong colour and way too much white for my taste, but he has a lovely look and he spoke right to me. After a visit when he was 6 weeks old I decided that he was going to move in with us. Tello became the father of four litters before he was neutered.

Othello has lovely ears with a great placement. His body is strong and I really like his look. A fantastic coat quality with just the right structure. His top, profile and chin could be better though.

FIV/FeLV-negative 2007-07-11

Normal - June 2007
Mild HCM - April 2009, October 2009
Vet. Torkel Falk

S*Zarkesha's litters I, J
Litters at: S*Vindelälvans, S*Isprinsessans

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EP & IC FIN*Suvipäivän Ivor, NFO ns 09 24     HCM: Normal 2006, 2007 & 2008

GIC S*Drakborgens Quiddie Trollpacka, NFO fs 02     HCM: Normal 2005
SW'03 EC & EP S*Trollgumman's Vigge Vildbatting, DM

NFO ds 09 22
HCM: Normal 2005
EC (N) Charles Austin av Boxerhaven
NFO d 09 22
(N) Mestro's Mikkel
NFO n 22
IC (N) Albertine av Boxerhaven
NFO f 09 22
EC S*Trollgumman's Cicci Cirkeline
NFO fs 22
HCM: Normal 2006
(N) Munin av Bergtun
NFO ns 23
EP IC S*Trollgumman's Iisa Illbatting
NFO ds 09 23
CH FIN*Suvipäivän Epona, DM

NFO n 09
HCM: Normal 2003, HCM 2007
GIC F*Olaf Tryggvason Feux d'Aures
NFO n 09
HCM: Normal December 2004
IC S*Mar'Michel's Bombastic
NFO n 09
EC F*Hell de la Cachouteba
NFO n 09
GIC FIN*Suvipäivän Aurelia, DM
NFO n 09 23
HCM: Normal
EP & GIC FIN*Firdafylkes Delling, DM
NFO n 09
EP & GIC FIN*Ullanmetsän Mirabella, DM
NFO ns 09 23
EC S*Drakborgens Krabat Gyldenlöf, DM

NFO d 09 22
HCM: Normal 2005
IC DK Tilia Novas Ingjalf
NFO n 09 23
HCM: Normal 2004
IP & EC DK Tilia Novas Domingo, DM
NFO ns 09 23
DK Oba Mimi, DM
NFO n 09 23
CH S*Drakborgens Fanny von Frääz
NFO d 09 24
HCM: Normal 2005
EC S*Drakborgens Buster Lunkentuss
NFO d 09 24  
HCM: Normal 2005
CH (N) Torvmyra's Wendy
NFO g 09
EC GB*Snokrystal Batsheba, DM

NFO ns 09 23
HCM: Normal 2005
GB*Volsung Romulus
NFO ns 09
CH S*Frostnattens Master of Volsung
NFO ds 09 22
EC S*Drakborgens Ebba Yrhätta
NFO n 09 24
GB*Volsung Odette
NFO n 22
CH GB*Volsung Dustin
NFO n 09 22
GB*Volsung Agneta
NFO n 23