S*Zarkesha's Nine Lives

NFO f 23

2011-02-23 - 2011-12-20


Nine Lives is a good mix between her mother and father and hopefully she will one day give me a beautiful female to continue the lines with. Lisa is living with Mona - S*Oxiekullar's.

Lisa, as Nine Lives is called by her owner, is a lovely cat with a strong personality and she is very affectionate and follows you around like a dog. Her coat quality is super and her body is very harmonical with good bonestructure and size. The ears are wonderful in shape and placement and they are great in size and with small tufts. The head is really nice with a good triangle, good rounded forehead and ok chin and profile. I like her look a lot.

Lisa passed away on the 20th of December 2011.
The autopsy result showed that she died of systemic necrotizing vasculitis polyarteritis.

Will be tested

GSD IV Negative

Litters: -



Sire. S*Zimexis Travis Hamilton, NFO n 09 22

Dam. IC S*Zarkesha's Good Golly Miss Molly, NFO f 09 23


IC S*Myselisia's Xavier, NFO ds 09 22

HCM: Normal Sept. 2008, GSD IV negative

EC (N)Mestro's Akilles JW
HCM: Normal Augusti 2007
- GSD IV negative

NFO n 03 24

IC (N)Mestro's Valentino

NFO n 09 23
CH (N)Chrissus Akela

NFO n 23
S*Myselisia's Pina Colada
HCM: Normal Augusti 2007
- GSD IV negative

NFO ds 09 22
EC S*Asphagens Frisco JW

CH S*Myselisia's Up To Date

NFO fs 09 23
GIC S*Zimexis Tiger Lilly, NFO f 09 24

HCM: Normal November 2008, GSD IV negative

EC S*Tassajara's Sir Murphy
HCM: Normal July 2007 - GSD IV negative

NFO n 03

IC Titran's Zampano
HCM: Normal 2005
NFO d 09 23
SW'00'99 GIP EC S*Tassajara's Mymla
Tigrisdotter DM
HCM: Normal Okt. 2004 - GSD IV normal

NFO n 09 24
SW'02 S*Aristo Limaz Shiva Shandra
HCM: Normal Okt. 2006 - GSD IV negative

NFO g 24

EC S*Aristo Limaz Salem Stixx

NFO e 09 24
IC S*Mighty Claw's Pocahontas

NFO f 09 22
EC DK*Killix Enigma,DM, NFO a 23

HCM: Normal Mars 2005 & Oktober 2007, GSD IV negativ

EC DK*Europa's Danske Gorm, DM
HCM: Normal October 2005 -
GSD IV negative

NFO n 23 

EP EC Gustav Vasa Felis Jubatus DM

NFO a 09
IC DK Europa's Juba Datter

NFO n 09 23
EC DK Europa's Nougat Nød DM
HCM: Normal October 2005 -
GSD IV negative

EC DK Silverwood's Big Brown Bastian

NFO n 23
EC DK Europa's Hip Hurra

NFO n 23
IC S*Izawatha's Guinevere, NFO f 09 23

HCM: Normal January 2006 & maj 2008, GSD IV negativ

EC S*Izawatha's Shogun
HCM: Normal Nov. 2005 - GSD IV negative

NFO d 09 23 

GIC S*Solkullas Hemul

NFO n 24
IC S*Tigerögas Hiawatha
HCM: Normal Dec. 2004

NFO f 09
S*Tigerögas Izabelle DM
HCM: Normal Nov. 2005 - GSD IV negative

NFO ns 23   

EC Romeo

NFO ns 22
S*Tigerögas Eldalie

NFO f 09