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S*Zarkesha's Nine Lives - 3 weeks


* Status

We won't make any definite decisions about new owners until the kittens are ca 5 weeks old. The reason for this is that we want to see how the kitten will develop and we also want to find the most suitable home for each kitten. You are of course welcome to show interest before that if you fall for a special kitten.

There might be interest shown for a kitten but all kittens are for sale until they are marked as booked.



Someone has paid a deposit and the kitten is not for sale at the moment.

The kitten is fully paid and has moved to it's new home.


A kitten from S*Zarkesha's that is ready to move to it's new home...

a is at least 14-16 weeks
a is vaccinated twice against cat flu and panleukopenia (feline infectious enteritis)
a is ID-marked with a chip
is dewormed if needed
a have a health certificate from a veterinary
a is registered in SVERAK /FIFe and have a pedigree

If you are interested in a kitten an e-mail is a good way to make a first contact, but we prefer to meet in person before you buy the cat. If that isn't possible, we want you to come and pick up the cat at our house, which secures that you are content and happy with the cat before you take it home. In special cases we might bring it to you, on the buyers expense, but we prefer that the buyer visit us instead. We do not ship our kittens without human escort.

Shows and breeding is really fun, but the cat is spending most of it's time at home beeing a companion to the family, so I sell my kittens as pets first of all. I can't give any guarantees when it comes to results in breeding and shows since we are dealing with living creatures, but if you are interested in a kitten to be a part of these activities I'll be happy to discuss it with you and to find a good solution for all parts.

Carolina Cervin

Phone: +46-415-301330


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S*Svansbarnens - kittens after S*Zimexis Travis Hamilton

DK*Fagan's - grandchildren after S*Zarkesha's Loop De Loop