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S*Zarkesha's was registered in SVERAK/FIFé in 2000

S*Zarkesha's has it's origin in a relative to our very first Siamese, Yassa. Her grandmother's name was Zarkesha Star and since I liked the word Zarkeshas and it was fun to have a link to former generations I chose this as my prefix. Yassa wasn't that successful when it came to breeding but a part of her will continue forward in new kittens with the S*Zarkesha's-prefix.

I have both Norwegian Forest Cat and Siamese and have had kittens from both breeds. Nowadays I only have a neutered siamese at home, since the other siamese girls didn't get along with my other cats. I will concentrate on the NFO from now on, but I will probably always live with a siamese and maybe I will be breeding these wonderful cats again some day, but right now I haven't got the inspiration that's needed.

I want to breed healthy and social cats with fantastic personalities. The look and type is also important and the cats have to follow as close to the standards as possible, but the temperament is number one.
The first thing I look for when buying a new cat or searching for a suitable male for my girls is the pedigree. I'm rather picky when it comes to which lines I want to work with, and maybe I'm a bit too picky when avoiding lines or specific cats in the pedigrees. Sometimes there are specific cats that I really want to have in the lines so then I try to find a pedigree that is acceptable as a whole. I know that it's a matter of taste and preferences when looking at pedigrees, and I'm sure that some people really don't like the lines I'm working with and vice versa.

When it comes to details I really want to have excellent coat quality. It is rather flashy when a cat has lots of fur (not too much though) but the structure and the quality is the main thing for me. The double coat with harsh and preferrably long guardhairs is one thing that I think is very special for the breed. I also like to have nicely shaped ears that are set correctly and therefor I want the triangle of the head to be correct. The size of the cats is also important, but that is something that I will strive against. Sometimes you get the things you want out of that mating instantly, other times it takes maybe two or three generations to secure the traits you want and sometimes the mating didn't turn out at all what you thought. I never do a combination that I'm not willing to keep a kitten from and I think that is a good way to start.

All cats and kittens are living with us as familymembers with no closed doors and they all sleep in our bed at night. They are used to be a member of the family from the start and they get lots of love and attention and we get lots in return. I want the kittens to be treated this way in their new family too. If you have the possibility to let your cats out in a closed run or balcony, or if you prefer to keep them in a leash, it is really nice. No cats from us are allowed to roam freely so if that's what you want, then you won't find your new cat in our cattery.

Shows and breeding is really fun, but the cat is spending most of it's time at home beeing a companion to the family, so I sell my kittens as pets first of all. I can't give any guarantees when it comes to breeding and showresults since we are dealing with living creatures, but if you are interested in a kitten to be a part of these activities I'll be happy to discuss it with you and to find a good solution for all parts.

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